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Matthew 28:19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,


Our mission field is full of opportunities to go and share the Good News!  For more information, please see Kassandra Vincent about what you can do to love your neighbor!

Monthly Agapé Offering
Every 1st Sunday, we collect a food offering to be delivered to Care Help to assist families and singles in need. Your food contributions can be deposited in our baskets at the back of the Sanctuary anytime you want to bring it in. Currently, we collect Chicken Noodle Soup to fill the backpacks of school children who would otherwise go hungry on weekends. It may be any brand, but it MUST have a pull-top lid.

“Box Tops” for Education
Clipping “Box Tops”, the coupons found on some products, is an easy way to help raise money for local schools. Each Box Tops coupon is worth 10 cents. For a list of participating products, see the Mission bulletin board in the foyer, pick up a flyer in the back of the Sanctuary, or go to Labels can be dropped off in the foyer.

Community Coffee Labels
Community Cash for Schools
Clipping Community Coffee labels is another easy way to raise money for local schools. Labels found on Community products such as coffees, bottled coffee drinks, teas, non-dairy creamers, sugar, and coffee filters can raise 10-15 cents each for schools to use in any way they choose. Labels can be dropped off in the foyer.

Aluminum Can Recycling
We recycle aluminum cans to raise money for mission projects. There are two trashcans in the old kitchen designated only for aluminum cans. We truly appreciate your help and so do the people we assist with mission projects!

Recycling Cell Phone, Eye Glasses and Ink Cartridges
Bring in your old cell phones, chargers, cell phone batteries,
eyeglasses, and ink cartridges for recycling. The cell phones are
distributed to soldiers through Capital One. The eye glasses are
distributed to those in need through the Lion's Club. The ink
cartridges are recycled through Office Depot to help offset the
cost of the church's office supplies.

Books and Plastic Reading Glasses
We are collecting gently used or new Christian books and
Bibles and plastic reading glasses (1.5 – 2.75 magnification
which can be found at Dollar Tree) to be distributed to
prisoners through the prison chaplain.

Cents-Ability Offering
At our Family Fellowship Suppers, we collect money for
Centsability, a program which benefits the Presbyterian Hunger
Program. Miss Penny Pig will be waiting to receive your change.

Toiletries for Evergreen Presbyterian Ministries
When you are traveling, bring back those sample-sized toiletries.
Evergreen Ministries is so thankful to receive them. Evergreen helps
people with disabilities build better lives! The collection box is on
the mission table in the foyer.

Bring in those coupons you will not need or that have recently
expired. They will be sent to military families in Guam. The
commissary accepts coupons up to 6 months past their
expiration date. A red bag is on the table in the foyer.
Mission Opportunities at Westminster
Upcoming Opportunities

Evergreen Offering
A Special Offering for People with Special Needs
Evergreen is one of the four approved annual offerings collected at Westminster.  Evergreen Presbyterian Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit mission of the Synod of the Sun, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), serving over 1,000 individuals with disabilities. It strives to provide the highest quality of individualized support while further expanding its services to those in need and its mission is to help people with disabilities build better lives. Evergreen opened its Southwest Louisiana Division in 1989 and provides services to individuals with disabilities in community homes, vocational centers, supported living programs, respite, early childhood intervention and elderly services - ALL RIGHT HERE IN OUR AREA. Lake Charles has several group homes.

Servant Saturday
Servant Saturday is intended to provide a way for our church to show God’s compassion to others in the community. It is a means as Christians to grow and live out our faith. The Mission Committee again would like to collect baked cookies and deliver individual packages with an attached message about Westminster to workers in our community. Stay tuned to learn who we will be delivering to; it is not a secret, just a BIG SURPRISE!

One Touch Awakening
Look for exciting news about mission opportunities with One Touch Awakening, “a movement dedicated to giving hope, One Touch at a time, night after night after night, distributing Packages of Hope to troops, Out4Life, hospice families, homeless, discouraged, everyone...because everyone sleeps and everyone needs hope.”

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